Join us for an evening of magical story telling, tales that chill yet entertain and food fit for a final meal.

Up until the launch of Mindie's latest book The Haunted Mid-Shore, The Robert Morris Inn succsefully hid its haunting credentials for years, after all who really wants to stay in a knownly haunted bedroom? That all changed after Mindie read the accounts of one of our fleeing guests and stayed in one of our two haunted bedrooms herself.

Butternut Squash Soup with Blades Farms
Apples and Cinnamon whipped Cream


Braised Beef Bourguignon with roasted Pearl Onions
Lardons of Bacon and mashed Potatoes


Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream
and Butterscotch Sauce


Regular or decaffeinated Coffee

Enjoy a scarily good three-course dinner and be entertained by Mindie between courses. The evening includes the dinner, Mindie's entertaining tales and a complimentarey copy of the latest book featuring The Robert Morris Inn, with foreword by one of the owners, Ian Fleming. We can accommodate diatary requirements if you contact us in advance.

$68 per person for the evening. Does not include beverages, tax or gratuity.
Saturday 11th February 2017

Evening starts at 6pm.


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