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Dining at The Robert Morris Inn

I bring a modern British cooking approach, combining classical sensibilities, to the Chesapeake Bay. A friend to local farmers, artisan producers and the seasons, I turn to sustainability and the richness of Maryland's natural larder for herbs, fruit and vegetables at every opportunity.

The Tavern offers a uniquely historic and relaxed setting for casual dining indoors. A big draw for the sailing community visiting Oxford and locals alike. Just right for every season, the Tavern features a landscaped courtyard and a magnificent open-hearth fireplace, both perfect for relaxing with friends. The same fabulous food where ever your mood takes you - Outdoor and Tavern casual or Private Room formal, your home, the choices are yours!

If you're happy with your meal, tell everyone. If not, please tell me!

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The same fabulous food
where ever the occasion takes you !

Outdoor & Tavern casual and Private Dining formal  .  .  .  dine Inn, dine out, ToGo and your home.

The Tavern - Slate flag floors, old red brick walls, timber beams & panelling and roaring fires. A great space for casual dining, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations are generally not required, however it is advisable to book ahead for weekends in season. A firm favourite with locals, boaters and visitors.

Dining Room and Tred Avon - Historic and elegant and perfect for a more formal occasion for a private party.

Patio, Veranda and River Terrace - wonderful outdoor spaces perfect for casual dining and maginificent in Spring, Summer and Fall.

Your home - contact us with your Catering requirements from intimate dinner parties in your home to weddings.

Breakfast Menu available Friday and Saturday (click here)
From 8 am with last orders 10 am.

Lazy Winter Sunday Brunch Menu (click here)
From 8 am with last orders 2.30 pm

Winter Lunch Menu available Saturday only (click here)
From 12 noon with last orders 2.30 pm

Winter Dinner Menu available Thursday through Saturday inclusive (click here)
From 5 pm with last orders 8.30 pm

Winter Happy Hour Bar & Lounge Menu available Friday and Saturday (click here)
From 3.30 pm with last orders 5 pm

Any customers or guests of customers must advise the Inn of any allergies, prior to arrival. It is only by this means that we can complete the necissary checks to ensure that suitable options are available. Should allergies or preferences be medically required we may be unable to assist. Our kitchens do not have seperate areas for the preparation of individual food groups, such as to prevent cross contamination. In these curcumstance we do permit such guests to bring their own prepared food items.
Where ever possible we use organic produce and do not use genetically modified ingredients.

Wine and Beverages
Great wines should accompany great food and here too, quality and value shine through:  Robert Morris Inn Wine List (click here)

The Robert Morris Inn    314 N Morris St    PO Box 40    Oxford    MD    21654    410 226 5111