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alex barnett
We are delighted to welcome Alex back for another season of "Tavern Live". Alexander Barnett is an accomplished Classical Guitarist of note, from Baltimore. He performs a huge repertoire consisting of music from the Romantic, Classical, and Renaissance eras. Along with Brazilian Choro music, Jazz, and Improvisation.

Claire Anthony returns for another Winter Season. We are fortunate that she enjoys her time here as much as we enjoy showcasing her music. Watching her live you will believe as we do, that she has a special inborn talent and a real quality to share with those of us who know her.

Talbot County's own Kenny Knopp and Charish Arthur join us again this year. They have a loyal following in Easton and beyond. Whilst no typical set, his music ranges from his own written music and lyrics to classic country and popular music.


"Tavern Live" our Winter Series of Fireside Music

Our Winter Series is completed and we do not run music through the sopring and summer.

Check back for next Winters Series and thank you for your great support this past Winter.